REDBEAN was founded with the "Optimal Utility

Value Maximization Project" to improve the

inconveniences commonly experienced in daily life.

We continue to provide users with convenience and innovative experiences by diversifying and

differentiating products and services that are

closely related to daily life.

We simplify and optimize the entire inefficient sales process based on practical experience to maximize

users' effective value, including diversification of

user choices, reasonable prices, and quality.

Before launching products and services, we keep

our feet on the ground and participate directly or indirectly in the entire process of consumer and

user analysis and product design.

Red bean

1 : a red kidney bean and especially one that is small and round

2 : a small dark red seed of the adzuki bean that is often combined

with sugar to produce a sweet paste used in cooking

Presence like “REDBEAN” toward you.

乐迪彬以 "最佳效用价值最大化项目 "为宗旨,旨在改善日常生活中常见的不便。我们通过丰富和差异化与日常生活密切相关的产品和服务,不断为用户提供便利和创新体验。






乐迪彬像 "红豆"一样向你走来。